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About Us

Advertising Co., Ltd. Advertising Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a good reputation of the industry of print advertising agencies. Our aim is to "condense modern wisdom and create excellent advertising products."". We use our expertise to build high quality advertising products for our clients. Customer satisfaction is our motivation. Advertising Co., Ltd. is an advanced technology, strength, set advertising design, outdoor advertising, roof advertising, signs, signs, exhibitions, showcase in one of the professional production company. Committed to the door LED luminous characters, plastic luminous characters, slim light box, crystal light box, plastic boxes, crystal characters, PVC word, logo signs, outdoor advertising. Is a design, production, installation, as one of the integrated advertising company. Professional production of digital photo, printing, color printing industry, screen printing, posters, banners, flags, banners, ribbons, printing, printing, clothing gift card, system card, badges, signs, billboards, building plate, bronze, aluminum, doorplates, door, light boxes, gold and silver card, VIP card, membership cards, badges, display panels, X display, Yilabao, titanium, iron, crystal word, word, word Furong luminous characters, LED neon light, display, video, plastic, balloon arches etc.. We have many years of advertising production experience and market development experience, in the advertising industry to enjoy a certain reputation, but also in the vast number of customers set up a good reputation. Our sales and service team is made up of experienced professionals in the field and technical staff who have been trained strictly to provide customers with meticulous pre-sales and after-sales service. "Customers do not want to, anxious customers are not urgent" is our service concept. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, we need to constantly improve themselves, grasp the pulse of the market, adjust business strategy according to the change of the market, to better meet the needs of the public, become a member of customer heart recognized, is not a simple service, but the common efforts and growth. We believe that life is more than a miracle. As long as we have dreams, the media will continue to innovate. We have the spirit of "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, will be first-class product quality, professional skills, perfect after-sales service and work with you hand in hand, conspiracy to develop and create brilliant career!